Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Names print and spring

Hello! So, I just made a print with some of my favorite lyrics from this song. It should be below, but if it doesn't work let me know :) Feel free to use it for yourself!


It's pretty! I especially love the song because it's about the two brothers and their bond over their name. I guess you better love both your name and your brother if you start a band together and name it after yourselves haha. Since getting married last year, I have grown an appreciation for my new last name and how it ties me to my husband for the rest of our lives. Basically, I made this to remind me of that whenever I look at it.

Our bedroom is that same shade of blue and the dark gray that's in the print, so you guessed it...that's where it will go. Our room's walls are totally bare and sadly lacking personality so now is the time to fix that. I'll probably go get it printed at Staples because I hear they're great with this kind of custom stuff.


Also with spring creeping in recently, I've caught the green thumb disease! I started a few tiny herb plants for our window sill. Yum! We live in an apartment, so I'll probably plant a few more for our balcony as it gets sunnier here. We are trying something new as well: a garden co-op! Friends from church generously offered up their yard for a community garden. Basically, we will volunteer our time to weed and maintain the garden in exchange for a share of the "harvest".

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